Alternative Medicine Treatment For Women

Founded in 2000, Acupuncture for Women is the only Acupuncture clinic for women in Dallas TX, which specializes in general health care, reproduction and fertility issues. Primary modes of alternative medicine treatment include acupuncture and herbal therapy, either individually or in combination. Over the past 10 years, we have had over 1000 successful cases of pregnancy in which our patients conceived and gave birth to healthy children.

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Clinic Philosophy

We aim to individualize treatment based on lifestyle, motivators, temperament, and personality, in order to better educate our patients about their treatment and how these various aspects affect overall health and well-being. Disease can occur when the body is not “at ease,” and the factors that pull the body out of its normal state of “ease” into “dis-ease” can be complicated and present differently for each person. Restoring the body’s balance is the key to health, disease prevention, and successful procreation or pregnancy.

Specialization in Women’s Health

There are inherent differences between male and female bodies, and in the eastern approach to health care, it is naturally acknowledged and understood that women’s and men’s bodies can require differing treatments for the same ailment.

You deserve a health care practitioner who has spent a lifetime studying, researching, and treating women. Since establishing this practice, our Acupuncture Treatment for women in Dallas, Texas, has proven itself, successfully treating nearly 100 cases of infertility per year. For more information about the Acupuncture Treatment for women in Dallas, Texas, offered by our clinic,  please call us at 214-893-4321 or email

“People quite often come to me as a last resort, after everything else they’ve tried has failed” says Dr. Jane Liu. “They become believers when they achieve a successful pregnancy, and then they become more open to acupuncture as a whole-body prevention approach to health and well-being, not just as a “fix” after a specific problem develops.”

We were recently named one of the best acupuncturists in Dallas! Contact us here.Expertise - Best Acupuncturists in Dallas 2016