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Thanks to our Herbal E-Clinic, Dallas, TX, women now have a convenient and effective route to better overall and reproductive health. Using our online health evaluation, Dallas, TX, patients can conclude whether or not their particular health concern is treatable with Chinese herbal treatment, acupuncture, or a combination of the two practices.

From PMS to fertility issues in both men and women, there are traditional solutions that have been cultivated through hundreds of years of research and dedication by Eastern Medicines finest minds. This information is combined with an understanding of Western Medicine by the practitioners at Acupuncture for Women.

Use the information below to determine whether you can benefit from the use of Chinese Herbs, and remember that if you have any questions, concerns, or need help using this online evaluation to determine what herbs you should order, give us a call at Acupuncture for Women 214-893-4321 or email jadeclinicdallas@gmail.com.

An Individualized Herbal Program for Fertility Enhancement and Women’s Health

If you experience any of the following, your condition can be treated through our individualized, home-based herbal program. Aging EggsElevated FSH

Luteal Phase Defects

Menstrual Disorders

Ovarian Insufficiency

Ovulatory  Defects

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Thin Endometrium Lining of Uterus

Abnormal Sperm Motility

Abnormal Sperm Morphology

Decreased Sperm production

Unsuccessful IVF/IUI Procedure

Other infertility conditions

How it Works:STEP 1: Fill out a free On-Line Health Evaluation to start your individualized home-based plan;STEP 2: Once you receive our feedback, order our recommended herbal supplement online on the “Shop” page.STEP 3: After you complete your first monthly treatment, you receive a free follow up evaluation by completing the Online Health Evaluation form again.

Successful herbal healing for fertility enhancement and women’s health requires two conditions. The first condition is getting the right diagnosis. According to Chinese medicine, personal evaluation is critical to healing. The herbalist‘s ability to understand your fertility condition and body nature is the key to success. This is why filling out the Online Health Evaluation in detail is extremely important.

The second condition is selecting the right herb for your own condition. It requires a personalized program other than what you get from your local health store. The “One-Pill-Fits-All” supplements can not fully meet the needs of individual patients. A qualified herbal practitioner can and will create your own unique, customized and appropriate herbal blend.

For many years, our clinic has solidly built our reputation on excellent and compassionate service. We feel privileged to work with so many special people like you. Through this website and personalized home-based program, you will be able to balance your hormonal level, overcome the infertility barriers, and improve your own health. We are proud to support you in this vital work.

Why Choose Us?

Over 25 years of clinical experience in infertility and integrative medicine after completing eight years formal training in western and eastern medicine in China;

– Over 300 cases of successful pregnancy in the last six years in Dallas-Fort Worth area;

– Over 100 people are under our herbal care program everyday;

– One of the most referred acupuncture fertility clinics by many reproductive endocrinologists in Dallas-Fort Worth area.

– We select the highest quality herbs to ensure the best possible results. All our herbs are manufactured by one of the most established and respected manufacturers of concentrated Chinese herbs in United States and are produced according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations .

Privacy & Legal StatementThe acupuncture clinic and the home-based herbal program operated by the Centennial Oriental Medicine LLC are separate organizations that share this website. As an acupuncture practice, the Jade clinic of acupuncture & Preventive, Inc. and the Legacy Wellness Center, Inc. conforms to the strict regulations of the state law of Texas. These organizations protect your privacy to the fullest extent required by law.Privacy Practices of the Home-Based Herbal Program

The home-based herbal program will protect your privacy, including any health-related information, to the fullest extent of the law. We will not disclose any such information to any third party — not even your name and address — for any purpose other than the fulfillment of orders you have placed for our products and services. We will restrict our employee’s access to such information on a need-to-know basis, and require that each of them sign a firm, written confidentiality agreement.

When you provide your personal information to us (such as name, address, phone number, company name, or the products you are shopping for or purchasing) we will not give or sell your individual information to any outside company for its use in marketing or solicitation.

We will maintain the confidentiality of your personal information and it will be used only to support your customer relationship with us.

Legal Statement

The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These information and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Due to government and FDA regulations, the following must be stated: The information provided in this site is not a substitute for professional medical opinion. It is provided for informational and educational purposes only.

Centennial Oriental Medicine LLC, Jade Clinic of Acupuncture & Preventive Medicine Inc. and Legacy Wellness Center Inc. and any parties or people associated with it are not making any medical claims on this site. All references to possible benefits to be derived from consuming the products discussed on this website are purely for informational purposes and no medical claims are made or maintained. The products are sold purely as dietary supplements.

How you decide to treat your health is entirely up to you. It is your choice. We do suggest that if you decide to use any of the products discussed or sold on this site that you maintain regular visits to your health care practitioner.

Frequently asked questions about the E-Clinic and Shop

 When can I expect my order?

Website orders ship every 2-3 business days.  We will notify you by email of the ship date upon receipt of your order.  

U.S. Domestic orders only. All items are shipped by US Priority Mail (2-3 days);

Can I take a combination of herbs?

Yes, all of our products may be taken at the same time. You may continue to take vitamins and other supplements as well.

Are there any side effects?

All known side effects are stated in our product literature.

What is the self life of the products?

All of our products have an indefinite self life; they should be stored in a cool dry place.

What is your return policy?

We accept returns only on unopened products within 30 days of the date of purchase.  Proof of purchase is required for all items. 20% of purchase will be charged as a restoring fee.